A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

What would happen if it turns out that you don't have control over your life and what you do? You take back control, of course! Your goal in this game is not only to defeat the mysterious overlord who plays with you and your friends like puppets, but to conquer your personal struggles as well. 


Important notice: This game is a passion project - my goal for this game is to be the result of my work and my work only. I am doing everything by myself, including the art, storyline, coding and music. I am still in high school, so I don't have very much free time to work on it. So as you can imagine, it will take a very long time to finish! I have only made the prologue so far,  but I am working on chapter one. I hope you enjoy what I have done so far! All criticism is welcome and appreciated as I am trying to improve!


If you download this game, I would love it if you filled out this feedback form! https://tinymoon.typeform.com/to/fupzfM

Also, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP if you find any bugs, so I can fix them straight away.

EDIT:  Someone has let me know that there is a missing file glitch when interacting with items in the hut. It has now been patched!


Meet the Main Characters:


-A young lady with the shortest temper you've ever seen.

-Completes tasks like a maverick.

-Refused to specify anything she likes.

-Appears onwards from the Prologue


-An earnest guy who's trying his best.

-Determined and hardworking.

-Likes horror movies and hanging out with friends.

-Appears onwards from the Prologue


(Also known as Sosur)

-A master trickster in a tiny girl's body.

-Detests work and will do anything to avoid working.

-Likes video games and made-up words.

-Appears onwards from Chapter 1


-The sweetest girl in the whole world.

-Has big aspirations for such a small girl.

-Likes dancing and pretty outfits.

-Appears onwards from Chapter 1


-A lonely foreigner who just needs a break.

-Only works if he has to.

-Likes playing music and hot drinks.

-Appears onwards from Chapter 1

More side characters will be revealed eventually


PixelEyes WINDOWS.zip 380 MB
PixelEyes MAC.zip 514 MB


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