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wow this game was truly awesome. the pastel looks being creepy sometimes is my fav thing, its not easy to make such cute things look creepy, the designs are great and the story is pretty creative too, keep up with the good work and hope you do more cute creepy games! <3

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im playing the game and im in the after having the cat and ate the fruit/cake, i dont know what do anymore, i spoke with everyone and i cant go back to the stores, i can move the wardrobe, a box and smth like a christimas tree, but i dont know what to do with them D: plus i tried to give the tree to one of the girls and now i cant get it push it, same with the box but in another place, now i just have the closet to move :'D any advice lol?

edit: is the game finished? i think it might be it, anyways i sure hope the game auto-saves bc i rlly dont want to pass thru the labyrinth again


you have to organise the boxes in height order - if you read the delivery man's dialogue he tells you how to push and pull the boxes so they don't get stuck - and im afraid the game doesn't autosave but that box puzzle is only about halfway through the game.

I love this game so much!

And the music is soo awesome and fits so perfectly with the art/characters =o

Def one of my faves from the jam!

thank you so much!

i loved all the surreal places you get to explore!! just the right amount of terror for me, while also being pretty wholesome. great work :)


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This game is so good! I didn't properly read the page for the game before playing, so I thought it was just about helping a child with their homework and then :0 I didn't manage to get past the stage with / game spoilers / the pink islands and the dark room bit (very scary cat though) 

I love the music and sound effects used, so good ^-^


thank you so much!!!



youre epic!